The fami­ly, peer groups, the school and the com­mu­ni­ty, whe­re child­ren are gro­wing up near the Safe-Hub, often have chao­tic and destruc­tive struc­tures. As a result, the child­ren are high­ly vul­nera­ble. One of our medium-term goals is to increa­se resi­li­en­ce and decision-making. This is achie­ved by pro­vi­ding the child­ren a pla­ce of secu­ri­ty, pro­vi­ding posi­ti­ve role models for adults, and pro­vi­ding access to work­shops for the acqui­si­ti­on of basic ever­y­day activi­ties.

The results of the last two years can be seen in the gra­ph. 100 % of the child­ren feel phy­si­cal­ly and emo­tio­nal­ly safe in the Safe-Hub, 98 % agree that the men­tor has a posi­ti­ve influ­en­ce, 96 % of the child­ren are more sup­por­ti­ve of others, 88 % show more resi­li­en­ce under peer pres­su­re, 94 % of the child­ren are bet­ter pla­ced to face ever­y­day chal­len­ges and 96 % have set them­sel­ves goals and have the firm will to achie­ve them!