Each Safe-Hub is considered a safe place and has a football field and an educational facility. A coaching programme and coaches are provided to support young people in their personal development.


After the suc­cess­ful coope­ra­ti­on in South Africa, AMANDLA and the Oliver Kahn Foundation are cur­rent­ly plan­ning the first Safe-Hub out­s­ide of South Africa. It is plan­ned to build an inno­va­ti­ve edu­ca­ti­on cen­tre inclu­ding a foot­ball field in the Berlin district Wedding. In the Safe-Hub, child­ren and ado­lescents from the neigh­bourhood can be sup­por­ted on the topics of health, edu­ca­ti­on and per­so­na­li­ty deve­lop­ment.

A Safe-Hub in Berlin – initia­ted right in the cen­tre of a soci­al hot spot – can coun­ter­act exclu­si­ons and pro­vi­de child­ren and young peop­le with
instru­ments to deal with the chal­len­ges they face in ever­y­day life.


A third Safe-Hub is being built now bet­ween Johannesburg and Pretoria in the town­ship of Diepsloot, South Africa. The arti­fi­ci­al turf field  has alre­a­dy been com­ple­ted and also the soc­cer edu­ca­ti­on pro­grams are in full swing. The life of the young peop­le in Diepsloot is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by extre­me pover­ty, vio­len­ce and cri­me. There are only four schools for over 200,000 resi­dents. The objec­tive of the plan­ned Safe-Hub is to bre­ak through the cross-generational cycle of pover­ty and to give young peop­le a per­spec­tive on life.

We would like to thank “RTL – Wir hel­fen Kindern e.V.” for the sup­port in the con­struc­tion of the foot­ball field.


The Oliver Kahn Safe-Hub has been rea­li­zed in the frame­work of coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween the Oliver Kahn Foundation and AMANDLA EduFootball as well as other part­ners and inau­gu­ra­ted on May 17, 2016. Located on the grounds of Intshukumo com­pre­hen­si­ve high school in the heart of the two town­ships of Gugulethu and Manenberg, the Oliver Kahn Safe-Hub will pro­vi­de dai­ly access to the foot­ball field, weekly pri­va­te les­sons and work­shops for the deve­lop­ment of soci­al skills and lea­dership par­ti­ci­pants. Thus, the Safe-Hub is expec­ted to bre­ak through the inter­ge­ne­ra­tio­nal cycle of pover­ty, unem­ploy­ment and soci­al ine­qua­li­ty, which are expo­sed to young peop­le living in urban slums and depri­ved neigh­bourhoods.


In 2009, AMANDLA EduFootball com­ple­ted the first arti­fi­ci­al turf field and edu­ca­ti­on cen­tre in Khayelitsha (Cape Town). AMANDLA EduFootball pro­vi­des mana­gers with on-site trai­ning and assis­tan­ce in pro­gram­me deve­lop­ment and car­ri­es out its initia­ti­ves on the field to pro­mo­te soci­al skills, to deve­lop role models and to prevent vio­len­ce.